• Two Vendors You Won't Want to Miss at the OTFM!

    If you missed our previous blog about The Old Town Flea Market, then make sure you check it out! 

    At The Old Town Flea Market we love all our vendors, so what better way to show them a little love then to feature them in a blog!  Over the course of the next few weeks we will be featuring several vendors, be sure to check out the entire vendor list on the flea market website at:

    1. Make Pie Not War

    Owner, Alana Little, started her company in 2007 making handmade jewelry. Her goal is to make the hearts of her customers happy. With her spunky jewelry she has been making a statement in her industry. 


    A few of the pieces you can find on their etsy shop, 

    Follow Alana and Make Pie Not War on Instagram: & on her website: 


    2. River Raised Apparel Co. started to spread the love and word of God. They want all of us to "wear his word and spread his truth".  Learn more about them and shop their adorable clothes at:


    Featured above "But First Jesus" trucker hat, and their best seller, the camo shirt.

    When browsing the River Raised website don't miss the testimonies tab, its a blog written by a different person every "episode", where they tell the readers of a struggle in their life. And in everyone, God always shows them the way. 

    Take a closer look at this awesome company by Finding them on Instagram:

    See you all soon at The Old Town Flea Market!

    Leave comments for where we can improve!

    - The Foundry & The Old Town Flea Market

  • Have You Been To The Old Town Flea Market?

    The Old Town Flea Market is held bi-annually at the Rodeo Grounds in Old Town Clovis. Karen and her business partner Cherish work long hours leading up to this event to put on an amazing show. 

    Now despite the name, what you can expect to find at the Flea Market is an amazing assortment of primitive antiques, vintage, handmade, and unique items. The flea market is an extension of the Foundry, which specializes in clothing, jewelry, housewares, handcrafted furniture and vintage. The vendors that are seen at the Flea Market are all hand selected to ensure that the goods they sell are what you are looking for. 

    The first flea market was held in 2013 with only 45 vendors. Since then it has grown to almost 100 vendors!

    A few things you should know about the Flea Market..

    Where: Clovis Rodeo Grounds 

    When: November 5th & 6th

    Price: Early bird: $10 (Saturday morning only) & General admission: $5

    Times: Saturday: 8:00am for early birds, and 10:00am - 4:00pm for general admission, Sunday: 9:00am - 3:00pm

    How to get tickets: At the Foundry, online at (keyword: old town flea), or at the gate on the day of the event! 

    I forgot to include that there are many AMAZING food trucks that attend also, so come hungry!  For more information about The Old Town Flea Market, follow along on Instagram @theoldtownfleamarket and online at:

    Let us know if you have any further questions about The Old Town Flea Market, we will see you there!

    -The Foundry, Samantha, and The Old Town Flea Market...


  • Employee Introduction: Taylor

    Everyone always says that the customers happiness is always the most important in business, and we agree to an extent. At the Foundry, we believe that happy employees make happy customers, and we don't know where we'd be with out our girls! This month, we are excited to introduce you to Taylor...

    Taylor has worked at the Foundry for 8 months and previously interned with us at Vintage on Fourth in 2014 when she was a senior at Clovis East High School and student at CART (Center For Advanced Research and Technology).  She is currently a full-time student at Fresno State, majoring in Business Administration.  When she is not at work or school, Taylor loves spoiling her rescue pup Bentley.  

    In the short time Taylor has been with us, she has taken on a lot of responsibilities. She quickly picked up on store tasks, and has taken on special projects working to improve our customer relations and inventory management. Taylor has an amazing sense of fashion and is the person you want to look to for help planning an outfit. Taylor dresses our mannequins, and hand selects all the clothing we post on Instagram & Facebook. You will never find this girl standing around, whether she's updating our social media, entering new stock items, or organizing the racks; she's always keeping busy and doing it all with a smile.

    Taylor has been not only the stores go to girl, but mine too. Not only have we become quick friends, but someone you can definitely trust with everything. The Foundry started with six workers; my parents + their 4 children. As we are grow and expand the Foundry family, my parents along with Amy, and Michelle work hard to maintain the close family feeling. Not only are Taylor and I close everyone is, and that makes us happy!


    Here are some examples of things she has put together for us, aren't they just the cutest outfits ever?!

    Thank you Taylor for being such an amazing employee, we appreciate you!

    Comment what you'd like to see put together in an outfit, and we can make that happen!

    As always, we love your feedback.



  • "Hand Selected" What it means to us...

    Every item in our shop is hand selected...whether it's candles, cookbooks, or new clothing brands, there is a process we always go through. It's a three step approach that we like to call "brand selection", here it is...

    Step one:

    The first step is of course learning about the brand. Once we hear about it or find it we always do research and learn more about the company & product lines. It has to meet our essential wants and fit with the look and feel of the shop.

    Step two:

    Testing the item, or brand. This is a big one for us, we never want to bring anything in that we feel isn't the quality we are looking for at The Foundry. As an example, the candles sold at the shop are all sample tested.  Scents are hand selected and a candle is chosen to be personally tested to confirm quality, burn time and scent.  If it passes we order, if it doesn't, we keep looking.  

    Step three: 

    Once we approve of a brand we often start with a small display and ask for input from our customers. If the product sells well with good customer reviews, we will increase our inventory and expand the product line.

    It seems pretty simple, right?  Actually, behind the scenes hundreds and hundreds of hours are spent researching brands, traveling to markets (most of which are out of state), and creating and receiving orders.  Its a job we {LOVE} and are passionate about!  

    Do you have a favorite brand you would like to see at the Foundry?  Let us know!

    -The Foundry 

  • Our latest adventure!

    If you followed along on Instagram this past weekend, Karen and Cherish, who run The Old Town Flea Market together, took a quick trip to Scottsdale, AZ!  Now I'd love to say they came to see me, well because, I'm great! :) But as it turns out they were here to check out the "Junk in the Trunk" vintage market. And maybe me... even if only a little. 

    Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market just celebrated its 5th anniversary and has grown from a small backyard event to a large 3 day vintage market with over 150 vendors and 25,000 attendees.  Karen & Cherish were on a mission to get ideas and inspiration for our show in Old Town Clovis on November 5th & 6th.  We all sharpened our pencils and a variety took notes from vendors, attendees and even one of the event partners.  If you ever are in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area, we highly encourage you to attend this event held twice annually.  You can also follow them on Instagram @junkinthetrunkvintagemarket.

    We found so many great things this weekend and trust me... Karen wishes she could take them home with her, but I'm not sure you can check a table at the airport. A lot of the things we found were SUPER cool and very similar to what is sold at The Old Town Flea Market, such as; funky world globes with hand-lettered quotes, locally made leather purses, and anything you could imagine that is chippy, rusty and vintage!


    Here are a couple of things that I was able to snag for me and my dorm room at GCU! Once I saw the "Vote 4 Junk '16" I LOVED it! How funny is that? And talk about being creative.   

    This weekend wasn't all about Junk in the Trunk though, we shopped, ate, and hot tubed a lot. I have to say the best part of the weekend was coming together with my family for dinner. My brother and I are about 90 miles apart in Arizona for college and having my mom and brother at the same table for dinner makes me miss my home. <3 

    We love hearing from you guys! If there is anything you want us to blog about specifically. Stick around later this week I'll let you know how we pick our brands. 

    - Samantha 




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