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    If you followed along on Instagram this past weekend, Karen and Cherish, who run The Old Town Flea Market together, took a quick trip to Scottsdale, AZ!  Now I'd love to say they came to see me, well because, I'm great! :) But as it turns out they were here to check out the "Junk in the Trunk" vintage market. And maybe me... even if only a little. 

    Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market just celebrated its 5th anniversary and has grown from a small backyard event to a large 3 day vintage market with over 150 vendors and 25,000 attendees.  Karen & Cherish were on a mission to get ideas and inspiration for our show in Old Town Clovis on November 5th & 6th.  We all sharpened our pencils and a variety took notes from vendors, attendees and even one of the event partners.  If you ever are in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area, we highly encourage you to attend this event held twice annually.  You can also follow them on Instagram @junkinthetrunkvintagemarket.

    We found so many great things this weekend and trust me... Karen wishes she could take them home with her, but I'm not sure you can check a table at the airport. A lot of the things we found were SUPER cool and very similar to what is sold at The Old Town Flea Market, such as; funky world globes with hand-lettered quotes, locally made leather purses, and anything you could imagine that is chippy, rusty and vintage!


    Here are a couple of things that I was able to snag for me and my dorm room at GCU! Once I saw the "Vote 4 Junk '16" I LOVED it! How funny is that? And talk about being creative.   

    This weekend wasn't all about Junk in the Trunk though, we shopped, ate, and hot tubed a lot. I have to say the best part of the weekend was coming together with my family for dinner. My brother and I are about 90 miles apart in Arizona for college and having my mom and brother at the same table for dinner makes me miss my home. <3 

    We love hearing from you guys! If there is anything you want us to blog about specifically. Stick around later this week I'll let you know how we pick our brands. 

    - Samantha 




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