• "Hand Selected" What it means to us...

    Every item in our shop is hand selected...whether it's candles, cookbooks, or new clothing brands, there is a process we always go through. It's a three step approach that we like to call "brand selection", here it is...

    Step one:

    The first step is of course learning about the brand. Once we hear about it or find it we always do research and learn more about the company & product lines. It has to meet our essential wants and fit with the look and feel of the shop.

    Step two:

    Testing the item, or brand. This is a big one for us, we never want to bring anything in that we feel isn't the quality we are looking for at The Foundry. As an example, the candles sold at the shop are all sample tested.  Scents are hand selected and a candle is chosen to be personally tested to confirm quality, burn time and scent.  If it passes we order, if it doesn't, we keep looking.  

    Step three: 

    Once we approve of a brand we often start with a small display and ask for input from our customers. If the product sells well with good customer reviews, we will increase our inventory and expand the product line.

    It seems pretty simple, right?  Actually, behind the scenes hundreds and hundreds of hours are spent researching brands, traveling to markets (most of which are out of state), and creating and receiving orders.  Its a job we {LOVE} and are passionate about!  

    Do you have a favorite brand you would like to see at the Foundry?  Let us know!

    -The Foundry 

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