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  • good hYOUman

    I am excited to introduce you to our newest brand, good hYOUman, now available at the Foundry. The fabric is bought within the United states and everything is cut, sewn, dyed, and screen printed in Los Angeles, California. 

    Good hYOUman was created to commemorate David Novek, by his son Brett, who says he was "the greatest man he ever knew". 

    What really drew us to this brand is how they encourage you to share your own story. You can do this by emailing them, and each month they pick someone to collaborate with and create a limited edition shirt. The shirt is then sold world-wide and a portion of the proceeds go to the charity of their choice! 

    This month they are sharing Liuva Campo's story. She shares about her boyfriend and the struggles they went through together. He was diagnosed with cancer, but never had a bad attitude. This positive outlook from him stuck with her, "You have the power to control your life by the way you choose to feed your soul and how you take on each and every day. I won't ever forget that." 


    Not only does this brand inspire you with it's simple yet encouraging sayings, but it motivates people to be positive. If you'd like a chance to enter our blog exclusive giveaway, comment about which GoodhYOUman shirt you love the saying on and what it makes you think of, and you will be entered to win a $25 dollar gift card to the Foundry!

    I absolutely love this shirt {pictured above}! it reminds me so much of my family even though they are a state away and can't be with me throughout my journey in Arizona. I know that they are always with me in my heart :) 

    As always comment below with any feedback... it is very much appreciated! 

    -Samantha & The Foundry Team 

  • We're Excited to Introduce Michelle From Rhinestones N' Rust

    Michelle Hernandez of Rhinestones N' Rust loves anything & everything vintage! 

    We first met Michelle in 2013 when she attended The Old Town Flea Market in Clovis and it was friendship at first sight! Shortly after we met, she opened Rhinestones N' Rust, specializing in primitive antiques and vintage housewares.

    Miss Michelle loves antiques and has been junkin' since her high school days in Texas! Back then, Michelle would always come home with new found treasures and when she went away to college she moved out the desk and dresser in her dorm room and replaced them with prized antiques. Nothing has changed to this day!

    Rhinestones N' Rust's vendor space at The Old Town Flea Market, Nov. 2015

    Michelle is easily one of the most determined shoppers we know. She will wake up at the crack of dawn to make it to an estate sale out of town, hunt all day to find the perfect set of ironstone dishes and she won't stop until milk glass is found! Michelle has called Fresno, California home for twenty years, but claims to have left her heart in Texas and is lucky enough to take several "work" trips home each year to shop famously large vendor fairs and flea markets, bringing back her vintage goodness to share with our customers.

    Inside the Foundry you will find some of Michelle's favorite finds: hand sewn quilts (a personal favorite of mine), milk glass vases, silverware, vintage linens and old locker baskets, many of which have made the trip from Texas to California!

    Recently, Michelle has taken on the role of expanding our women's extended size clothing (and there are some super cute pieces)! We had several customers asking for additional sizing options, and she was happy to help!  You'll now find denim, dresses, sweaters and more in extended sizes at the Foundry.


    It's me (above) in a floral print kimono (XL)  paired with a cute simple ribbed tank with lace trim (XL) and a pair of ripped jeans (XL). A beautiful vintage Ironstone dish set and mismatched collected silverware pieces that are sold at the Foundry. 

    Michelle has a busy Fall schedule planned. The first weekend of October she will be selling at the Three Speckled Hens Show in Paso Robles, and then at The Old Town Flea Market November 5th & 6th in Old Town Clovis at the rodeo grounds.  Mark your calendars because there is a loaded trailer arriving from Texas just in time!  

    Stick around! Next week we will be blogging about Good Human, our newest brand sold at the shop and how we pick the lines we sell. 

    As always give us your feedback it really means a lot! 

    -The Foundry

  • Meet Amazing Amy!

    Amy Kelly of Amy Kelly Designs has been a vital key to the success of The Foundry Collective since first joining up with Vintage On Fourth in July of 2014. She specializes in children's clothing, home accessories, and building custom furniture. At the shop Amy is the go to girl for anything baby related, from various popular items like baby moccasins, to Jelly Cats, and really soft swaddle blankets! 


    As a repeat vendor at The Old Town Flea Market for several years, Amy has a passion for building unique furniture, and interior design. You can find her personal touches on shop displays at the Foundry and mixed in with her custom furniture at The Old Town Flea Market each Spring & Fall in Old Town Clovis.  What you probably don't know is that Amy is an avid collector of cookbooks... Amy loves them, and some of her favorite titles are available for sale the shop.  One of her newest favorites is featured below, The Forest Feast which she has been cooking from over the past several weeks and raves about the recipes. With over 100 in her personal collection, her family truly appreciates her nightly family dinners at home!

    Whether it's an industrial pipe entertainment center or custom wood mudroom lockers, Amy is always working on a new project. As a small business owner, she spends many nights behind the scenes planning, building and preparing for the beautiful pieces, displays and hand selected items you find daily at the Foundry.  Every piece she completes is made with love and passion for her work and it clearly shows.


    Just an example of something Amy has built! 

    We all marvel at the balance Amy creates between her professional career and family life. As the proud mom to three beautiful and hardworking kids, Delany, Garrett, and Luke she is always on the go! The kids often come in to help break down boxes after a big shipment arrives and tag items that need to be priced without a single complaint. Amy and her husband Dan believe in creating the entrepreneurship spirit at an early age, demonstrating that hard work and diligent planning creates success. Working hard definitely runs in the family! 

    We adore Amy and love having her with us at the Foundry, and encourage you all to follow her on Instagram @amykellydesigns, and visit her booth space at The Old Town Flea Market this November 5/6th at the Clovis Rodeo Grounds.

    Stay with us on the blog, later this week we will introduce you to Michelle from Rhinestones and Rust who lives the dreamy junkers life between California and her home state of Texas.

    Remember to comment and follow along with our blogs as we will be posting sneak peeks of the store, new arrivals, and exclusive blog sales or coupons redeemable at the shop! 

    -The Foundry

  • Trying Something New!

    About Us

         Hello and welcome to our first blog post! For those of you who are new friends, let us give you some background information. The Foundry Collective is a family owned business located in Old Town Clovis, California. We opened our doors in January 2015 after we outgrew our original little location on Fourth Street (Vintage on Fourth). The collective group includes Karen, Amy, and Michelle who work together to create a shop that specializes in unique product lines of home accessories, children's, vintage, clothing & jewelry.


    Why are we Starting a Blog?

        This blog is our way of inviting you to experience the happenings behind the scenes at The Foundry Collective with us. We invite you to follow along and we promise to share sneak peeks of the store and give you first dibs on new products and arrivals, including exclusive blog sales or coupons redeemable at the shop!

         We are new at blogging and learning as we go. If there is anything you would like to learn specifically about us, we welcome your feedback, questions and recommendations! It is our hope that you have as much fun reading our blog as we have writing it! :) 


    -The Foundry Co.



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