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  • The Foundry - How Our Story Began

    The Foundry was born!
    A little story narrated by yours truly... Samantha. :) 


    It all started in 2008, I (Karen's daughter Samantha) had a picture hanging up in my room that I had outgrown. Instead of just throwing the picture away I decided I wanted to have my dad paint my initial on it. So I picked the colors and he painted a huge "S" right in the middle.  I loved it and immediately hung it back in my "newly refreshed" bedroom.


    One day soon after, my dad came home with an alphabet of metal letters he created with a friend for my mom to do something creative with.  He wasn't sure what, but thought the idea to take the inspiration from my painted "S" and give it a twist somehow. With an old vintage frame laying around he created a backing with burlap and screwed a letter on.  That was truly the beginning, they just didn't know it yet.  

    Proud of their work, they gave one as a gift, then someone asked for one, and then another.  Within a couple months, they had an Etsy page and several wholesale accounts in California, turning nights working out in the garage into a growing business. 


    As sales grew, vintage frame hunting became the fun part, shopping at estate and yard sales hunting down supplies. It seemed like every time they would go out they would bring a different treasure home, and it wasn't just a frame. Whether they came home with a vintage sign, an old desk to re-purpose, or even a dozen old mason jars it was always something new my mom would use to decorate our house with.  Before long, they had acquired a garage full of "treasures".

    My parents were at a crossroad, play it safe, or jump in and chase a dream.  With a deep breath, they jumped in and leased an adorable little shop in Old Town Clovis.  It was the perfect spot to showcase their custom work and sell a variety of items from repurposed furniture to vintage seltzer bottles.  This was the start of Vintage On Fourth. Fast forward three quick years of blood, sweat and tears (literally) as the shop focus became hand selected vintage items, housewares, women's clothing and jewelry.  Before long, they outgrew the 800 square foot shop Vintage on Fourth.


    On January 13th, 2015, The Foundry Collective opened it's doors for the very first time. Scared to death at doubling the shop space, they took another leap of faith and jumped in again.  Its been a little over a year and a half, and they are excited to say it was the best business decision they ever made.

    Even though our little family business has outgrown the custom frames, the metal letters are still a huge part of our store, and the metal work doesn't stop there. We have brought in metal signs and initial coasters!  And that is the tale of The Foundry Collective.


    Coming next, you'll meet Michelle and Amy, two amazing and talented ladies that have joined us at the Foundry!  

    Make sure to let us know what you think! The fact that you've joined us on our journey makes us happy!

    - The Foundry

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