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Lucy Darling - Baby's First Year

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Capture each darling moment before you met up until little ones fifth birthday. Cherish all of babies’ memories as they grow. Beautiful illustrations enhance each collected moment, creating a unique story to enjoy together for years to come. The Celestial Skies theme compliments babies' journey with graceful skyscapes, silvery moon and starry skies. Perfect for you, or as a gift to easily record and enjoy your forever memories. 3 pages for when baby arrives including a spot for footprints, a page to place birth announcement and hospital bracelet 2 your world pages for a photo of home and how much things cost when baby was born 12 pages of month documenting 10 pages that include family tree, favorite things, many firsts including holidays, first scribble, etc. 5 birthday pages 1 first day of school page 11 blank pages with embellishment. 

Color Options:

Pink, Lavender, Teal, Rust

Dimensions: 9" Wide, 9" Tall

48 Pages